4 Week Virtual class 

Topic: Learn the Ancient Style of Chinese Brush painting Techniques

Date: August 5th to 26th 2020 at 1 - 3:30 pm

Cost: $100 / $160 for non-member

For more information contact to Peihong1512@gmail.com or 713-206-3668

The Gong-bi style developed during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), when great prosperity enabled advancements in the arts. Gong-bi required intense commitment to technique, and the resulting work was sought after by wealthy royal families.

Together, we will study this ancient technique with its focus on delicacy, precision, detail, and patience.

Supply list:

1. Two sheets of 20”x15” boards as wooden or Plastic Corrugated (Michael’s care Plastic Corrugated sheet 20” x 30”, to make two sheets)

2. A roll an inch masking tape or Blue tape.

3. One 2.5 or 3 inch flat soft bristles as sheep hair brushes.

4. A box of Chinese Marie's color(https://www.jerrysartarama.com/maries-chinese-watercolor-painting-set)

5. 2-5 sheet of Shimming size Shuen paper 26” x 54” (nonabsorbent rice paper) or Cicada Wing paper( on  orientalartsupply.com the shimmer size Shuen paper called P14BP and Cicada wing Size Shuen called P14C. Amazon called megrez+shu+xuan+paper )

6. 2 small combination brushes as surrounded with white sheep hair and inner with brown hard briskets. Two fine tip brushes for detailed lines work. Two pointed fine tip brushes.

7. A bottle of Sumi-e ink

8. Couple of porcelain dishes as your old dish or any kind of tray.  A roll of paper towel. A wash container. 

9. a wash jar or container.

Watercolor Art Society of Houston

Locatio:Watercolor Art Society - Houston

1601 W. Alabama at Mandell, Houston, TX 77006 
Phone 713.942.9966  


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